Saturday, 1 October 2016

Pony care unlimted resources

Pony care

Pony care unlimted resources
Owning a pony is a lifelong dream for many young people and with the Pony Care management game you can easily see what it is like to choose and care for your very own pony. Now you can do all the things needed to care for your beautiful pony including cleaning out the stables, washing her, rubbing her down and blow drying her, cleaning your her teeth, as well as feeding her some hay and attach her horse shoes. You will also be able to accessorize her with wings, winged feet, and horns that can create a unique look.

• CLEAN out the stables for your pony to live happily!
• CHOOSE your very own pony that you can love and care for!
• WASH and rinse your pony’s beautiful mane and hair!
• BLOW dry and rub down your horse until she is warm and dry!
• CLEAN her beautiful teeth until they are white and pearly!
• FEED your horse so she doesn’t go hungry!
• ACCESSORIZE her look with extra wings, horns, and winged feet!

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